Las Vegas Bail Bonds from Anthony’s

At Anthony’s Las Vegas Bail Bonds, you will not be overcharged nor will you be surprised with any hidden fees. At Anthony’s Bail Bonds, we charge 15% premium, as required by Nevada law. The premium can be paid in cash, Visa, Mastercard, and local checks (on approval). If you do not have the entire premium amount, we can offer credit under certain circumstances. Stability in the community and steady employment are typically the elements that we consider when approving credit.

Collateral is not always required. Our bail agents look at every case individually. Depending upon you and your loved one’s stability in the community, collateral to secure the bond may be waived.

We post bail for those in custody in the greater Las Vegas area, including all of Clark County and Henderson, as well as in other states.

At Anthony’s Bail Bonds, we work with many of the most prominent criminal defense attorneys in the Las Vegas legal community. Many of these esteemed attorneys are also nationally recognized.

Other services we provide to you include:

  • obtain custody or warrant information free of charge
  • answer any and all bail bond questions you may have